Little Mountain Man (Malý vrchár)

(Preklad piesne ‚Malý vrchár‚ z CD Ožívajú)

When on the mountain a little foal is born

With all his might he struggles to his feet

He struggles to his feet

Then skips around on the green hill

gently drying out in the warm spring wind.


When on the mountain a little man is born

When they dip him in the water for the first time

They dip him in the water

And on a green towel he bursts into song

And for good health he takes a gulp of his mother’s milk.


Early on his daddy takes him to the woods

He gets a spark of falcon in his eye

With a spark in his eye

Takes a hatchet in his hand

Chops up sticks on the green hill

And tends to the fire.


Not too long ago his daddy made him a wooden horse

And now here comes a great moment

The great moment is here

He gets the saddle ready

Mounts his horse

And flies away on the green hill.  

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